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United States
December 9, 2007 3:15pm CST
What are your favorite types of fruitsn and vegetables?
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• Pakistan
10 Jan 08
I like banana. It seems like packed cream in its skin. Banana is full of calories and vitamins in it. Its taste is wonderful. Mango is called the king of fruit. Mango is also very tasty and powerful fruit. But that is available only in summer season, while banana is available in every season. I like big and much bananas. Radish is my favorite vegetable. As it helps to reduce the weight. Carrot is like apple and it is not expensive than apple so I also like to take carrots specially in cool weather.
• India
11 Dec 07
I love to eat strawberries as they are nice and sweet. I enjoy eating raspberries because they are juicy and delicious. I think the grapefruits have a lovely slightly bitter taste. I like the taste of lemons and limes as they are so very juicy but they both have quite a sharp sort of taste. Bananas have a lovely flavor and are quite filling to eat. An exotic type of fruit I like is passion fruit as they have such a sharp but delicious taste. I like bananas and mangoes too but now a days i reduced their eating because of fear of diabetes.Now I am preferring guavas and papayas, as they are very help full for the body.