Internet is the window of knowledge... what is your opinion?

December 9, 2007 7:05pm CST
In the ancient time :-), we used to know that books are the window of knowledge. But now, I would like to say that Internet is the window of knowledge. Do you think Internet is only the window of knowledge? Please let me know your opinion.
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@macobex (108)
• Philippines
10 Dec 07
Yes. Internet is the new way of acquiring new knowledge. Because of it, learning new skills and gaining new info is made faster and easier. By the way try to visit my INFO SITE . hope you can have more knowledge with my blog TNX
• India
10 Dec 07
Hi friend, It is correct.Now a days with internet most of the people in the world are being benefited,but it is not fully correct,to some extent it may be true,but in future without internet people can't acquire knwldge i suppose. Gradually internet is play a vital role in each and every human being,so it may become part of their organ i suppose. what do u say friend. have a nice day
@wahptb (188)
• Canada
10 Dec 07
It can be a great source of knowledge but it is definitely not the only one and definitely not the best. You have to be careful with information from the net. You don't always know who published the material and if it is valid. I trust a lot of what I find but am always skeptic and if I don't know the site I will usually try to find another source of info. It's definitely the easiest and fastest way to find info it's just not 100% accurate and trustworthy.
@Estina54 (389)
• United States
10 Dec 07
Internet is one of the most important windows of knowledge and more at handy, but not the only one. Visiting websides is not enough, there are things we need to find out about from books, booklets, newpapers.
@Aussies2007 (5339)
• Australia
10 Dec 07
Yes it is... providing that you are willing to learn. Most people don't want to learn and only use the internet to play. If you don't like reading books... you won't be reading what's on the internet either. But the knowledge is there for everyone. The kids in Australia have been using the internet every night for the past ten years in order to do their school work.
@lilaclady (28238)
• Australia
10 Dec 07
Oh yes the internet is the best learning tool ever, I actually get very anygry with the people who say the interenet does damage to children and that reading books is ok, it is reading in a different way, I know I have learnt so much and I haven't even tried to study anything, it must be wonderful for the young kids of today.