mobile phone number

December 10, 2007 7:38am CST
If any mylot user asks ur mobile phone number ,would u give it.if not what r the reasons for not giving the number
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@az03r4 (916)
• Indonesia
12 Dec 07
Depends... If I have close to her/him, I will give it. But it needs time, because we can't trust person in humble, isn't?
@jogie_bien (1103)
• Philippines
10 Dec 07
i dont give my mobile number to the person i really dont know.Because sometimes it disturb you especially someone txt you and you dont remember who is it.The bad thing most is that when you give to someone and then they gived to someone else your number.So i prefer to gived my number only to my family and friends.
• United States
10 Dec 07
no, i wouldn't. one of the main reasons is because i don't care talking on the phone - so why would i want to talk to someone from the internet on the phone? i'd have no clue what to say and it would be pointless. plus i wouldn't want to give it out to someone i don't know anyway, that can be dangerous.
@kwenge (2493)
• Kenya
10 Dec 07
I will not give my mobile number to a stranger no matter what. My mobile number is private and I only give to people close to me and people I know cannot harm me. Some people you give them your number then they start disturbing you even in the middle of the night.
@star2453 (129)
• United States
10 Dec 07
i probably wouldn't, i don't know anyone well enough for that yet! But in time i guess i could trust a few people on here, maybe my michigan buddies:)
• China
10 Dec 07
it is rude if you didn't acquaint with someone and you ask sb's phone number,mobile phone number is privated.for this reason,If someone with whom I am not familiar ask my cell phone number,I will refuse it.