Is the china a developed or under developed country?

December 10, 2007 3:46pm CST
We learn that China is a great historian country. It is rich populated. Is it a developed or under developed country?
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• China
11 Dec 07
China is the biggest developing country. And I don't think history and population are related to measure a country's economic situation. Though China's economy is growing fast these years.
• United States
13 Dec 07
China is that fastest developing country in the world. Its economy is growing in a really fast rate. I believe the gap from poor to rich is getting bigger everyday.
• China
27 Dec 07
Yes!China is a developing country!
• South Africa
8 May 08
Some parts of China is very rich and developed, but China as a whole would be regarded as a Developing country (that is, fazhan zhong guojia). Under developed countries are like Uganda, middle Africa and so on.
@sophialin (2678)
• China
29 Mar 08
hi i'm chinese,i can tell you that chinese is a developing country with no doubt.china has a large population,which is a bout 22% of total populiation in the world. you can imagine how difficult it is for chinese leadrers to manage the country well. in fact,they have already done well now.but the mission is still tough and arduous.there is a long way ahead to reach the developed country for china.
@mailovee (265)
• China
16 Mar 08
yeah, China is still a developing country,with a GDP per person less than $5000 while the US is $40000,but the difference between rich and poor is huge in China,some are really rich,its a major social problem. China is also a divided country,because of the civil war in 1945,now in Taiwan they say they are Republic of China but in mainland we call ourselves The People's repulic of China. We will unity our country hopefully very soon.
@lkbooi (16102)
• Malaysia
3 Mar 08
Hi Sheen, it couldn’t deny that china is a great country that rich in its historical contents as it is ancient country over five thousand years of history. Many cities of china are well developed especially those cities which are involved in the 2008 Olympic Games. These cities are developing at tremendous speed in all aspects like communications, commercial field, education, technology, tourism, agriculture, industry and so on. Anyway there still have some remote or rural areas with less population which need to be developed badly like what I have seen from the documentaries.
@jwsnoopy (75)
• China
28 Feb 08
You guys should learn much more history about China. It is worthwhile to know about this wonderful country. I got many foreign friends here and they like China so much.
@shahsazzz (140)
• Pakistan
19 Dec 07
I think china is a developed country.