when do u plan to upgrade ur pc

@lrajnish (171)
October 29, 2006 2:28am CST
when do u plan to upgrade ur pc immediately 6 months 1 year
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• United States
21 Feb 08
i've had my desktop for about 4 years now and it still works just fine. I've updated a few parts on it like the ram and the dvd-r drive, but otherwise i dont plain on getting a new one for at least a year. Unless it just breaks down or i win the lottery.
@ratyz5 (7829)
• Philippines
20 Feb 08
It really depends on my part since I would usually wait a while so that the hardware would be more affordable so I could buy them. Then there are times when parts of my computer would break down so, instead of buying the same item to replace it, I'd ask the shop if they have a much better one to replace it with. Its either if I think its available or it needs improvement whenever some parts break down. Not in the course of six months or a year.
• Italy
13 Feb 08
I think that if one does not have special needs or type video game with video games just come out and the new generation, there's no need to upgrade your PC often. I personally upgrade only when they have a real need therefore I have no fixed deadlines.
@drilyas (843)
• Pakistan
14 Jul 07
it is not the matter of 6 months or year,but when someone is sicken tired of the system,he/she tries to upgrade.i will upgrade in 1-2 months
@pelo26 (1553)
• Philippines
1 Mar 07
I upgrade when I cannot play the newer versions of my favorite games anymore..., Its pretty expensive to upgrade PC