anyone for coffee??

@pree70 (525)
December 11, 2007 2:43am CST
I am a through and out coffee lover. i wouldn't call myself an addict or something, because my intake is restricted to two cups per day. it is just that i love drinking coffee. after my morning walk, i really look forward to sitting down with my hot cuppa, scanning the day's newspaper.ofcourse, there must be a bit of peace and quiet to go with it, otherwise, it looses it's charm.that's why it has become an early morning ritual for me, with my family still in bed. i just have my dog for company, which suits me fine. Sunday mornings are the best. the newspapers have lots more to read and i too have some extra time. no rushing off to make breakfast, or getting ready for work. i don't have to fill my son's lunch box either.. wish Sundays would come more often... speaking of coffee, i usually make instant coffee like Nescafe or Sunrise, or Bru.i like my coffee with milk and a little bit of sugar.somedays, when i get terribly guilty about my weight, i stick to black coffee. but those days usually don't last long. by far, the best coffee i have had is at my friend's Kavita's place. they are Brahmins, and i can vouch for the fact that the best coffee in the world is to be found in a South Indian Brahmin household! they make outstanding freshly brewed filter coffee, the aroma of which is worth dying for.i did try to repeat it at home, but i could never get the same taste. all this coffee talk is acting up on my craving.. let me go and get my afternoon let me know if you too feel the same for this small pleasure in life...
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@aries_0325 (3062)
• Philippines
4 Jan 08
I am also a coffee lover like you. I love coffee and it is one of my favorite drink specially in the morning. I take a cup of coffee in the morning, even in the lunch time, merienda time or dinner time. I will take also a coffee when I feel something unexplain to my body and when I feel stress. For me coffee is my vitamin for my body.
@pree70 (525)
• India
5 Jan 08
hi there... have a great time with your cup of coffee. But i think coffee during lunch time may diminish your appetite, and you may end up not eating properly. but a black coffee after lunch actually aids in digestion. anyway, have fun!
• United States
11 Feb 08
I love coffee! I only drink 2 cups per day, but I have to have them! I don't eat sugar, so I always put cream and a bit of Stevia in my coffee. Now I hate instant coffee!! I must have brewed coffee. I prefer to grind my beans myself too. I like Boca Java coffee and their beans! They have all kinds of wonderful flavored coffees too. Ahh, off to get a cup now....
@ssh123 (31103)
• India
11 Dec 07
Coffee is prepared in a different way here. First the deedoction is prepared either by filter or through percolator. Then sugar and milk is added and fresh coffee is prepared. IN US and elsewhere they drink black coffee. We just cannot manage the black coffee.
@seared (247)
• China
11 Dec 07
I like coffee, too.But I make instant coffee too.Give me a five.and Nescafe is my favorite