How do you know if you LOVE SOMEONE TRUELY or If you feel sorry for the person?

United States
December 11, 2007 5:00am CST
how do you know if love is love .....true love and how do you know you dont just love someone cause you feel sorry for them or cause you think they cant get anyone cause they have so many issues?
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@kwenge (2493)
• Kenya
11 Dec 07
With being in true love, I think I moved past the infatuation. I still like the way he looks, talks and everything else, including the romance. But I have come to think of him as my best friend, confidante, I respect him greatly, I trust him 100%, and I treat him like I would my parents or someone else in my life who I deeply loved. I want only the best for him. I would do anything to help him and make him life more comfortable. With true love I think it also is more about me loving him for what is inside him, and the connection we have than anything else, including his physical appearance, just to name one thing. I also feel a deep sense of responsibility and comfort being with him and I get the same feeling from him as well. I see a future also long term, which I did not even think about much when I was just infatuated with him. If you find that you are only staying with the person only because you feel guilty of leaving him or because you just feel sorry for him, then that is not love. It is PITY. True love is what i have explained up there. Thanks for bringing up this discussion.