College Life

United States
December 11, 2007 2:50pm CST
I'm in college at Bethel College in TN. I play baseball and i live off campus. When I first got to college i had lots of schlorship and my both of my parents worked. Money was not a big issue. At that time i did not work part time. I just worked in the summer doin two and sometimes three jobs. It helped but i still preety much had to rely on my parents for money. The summer after my first year i started working at the hospital from my hometown. It is a special program for students that is a full time job during the summer and a weekend job during school. At first it wss working preety good but now that I've had shoulder surgery i cannot go back to working for awhile. So now I've become dependent on my parents again. I don't like it. I've searched on the internet for ways to make money while I'm in college. The main reason that I do not want to be totally dependent on my parents is that this year my dad almost had another heart attack and now he has been diagnosed with a heart disease and cannot go back to work again. I'm really trying but i just cannot find any reliable sources or how to really start making money online. I've tried cashcrate and just didnt find it really reliable. If anyone knows of any books or places online that i can try and look at. Just let me know. Its getting to the point where I'm really desperate.
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