Shopping this holiday......

December 12, 2007 1:47am CST
Christmas is very near a few days ago to count. Many of us are busy shopping, buying gifts for our love one, when you go to the shopping mall many people are shjooping around busy choosing for the things we want to buy... when you go to the supper market it's the same or even in a public market we see that many of us are preparing for the special celebration we have It's Christmas the birth of our "SAVIOR'". One day I went to a public market to buy good for my store in the middle of my shopping/buying I felt that I'm a little bit hungry so I buy Shiomai and gulaman I begin to eat and someone on my back got my attention it was a little boy begging for money. I don't want to give him money coz many of the street children I saw were only wasting their money in gambling we call it here Kara krus I want to be sure that he will not waste the money if i gave him but rather I gave him food to eat than money wasting for nothing. On the back of my mind I was thinking how this little boy spend christmas many of them are still in the street begging for money for their family. How about their parent what they do? Do they know their children are in the street begging? I don't understand some of us were only thinking about our self they keep on making children they don't have control. They don't know that the children suffer more they can't give proper education, proper clothing, food, comfort and many more we don't think about our own capability to have children, so many thing to consider before we have children not only we want it but do we really afford it.
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