Ritchie Blackmore biography

December 12, 2007 5:11am CST
I've just finished reading Black Knight - the Ritchie Blackmore story and I have to say that it is a very good read. It fills in plenty of gaps, details his work before Deep Purple and goes some way to explaining the enigma that is Ritchie Blackmore. The overriding emotion though is frustration. How could one person, so incredibly gifted, continually alienate and frustrate so many around him. I don't think that anybody plays the guitar like Ritchie Blackmore,(either does Ritchie) but unfortunately his own ego, has continually destroyed the possibility of him being recognised for the talent that he is. It's a massive shame - one that has scarred many fine musicians and regrettably tarnished the reputation of the finest hard rock band to ever walk this earth. Any way read the book - you'll enjoy it
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16 Mar 10
I know this is late. ANy, I will definately have to invest in it. I am a big Richie Blackmore fan, he is the best. Will be awesome to see his thoughts on, his past, his bands and band mates possibly even his contemparies. Eitherway, Ill have to invest in it in, the future.
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7 Sep 08
He may be a hard person to work with, but at the same time, he has released a lot of good music over the years. If you think he is bad, try Yngwie Malmsteen. It is personality like these in which makes some record company executive who knows nothing about what the music listening public wants from trying to add their influences to an artist's or band's sound. When Aldo Nova released his first album, that was a hit, & they let him do what he wanted. The second & third albums, some record executive made him change things around in his music & songs, & both of those two albums failed to sell. In conclusion, being someone with some ego & backbone that is tough to work with helps when that musician is extremely talented. At least he with a musician like that, a record executive who knows nothing about what the music loving public wants would probably think twice about trying to contaminate the artists' sound.