Are you a man waiting to be pleased by girls?

@mari123 (1862)
December 12, 2007 7:06am CST
I have been living in China for more than three years,there are lots of foreigners around me and my area,most of them got family or family problems esp. with wife.For some culture differences,there are very easy way to catch Chinese ladies in their life. And well,I do not know what this ppls attitude toward their own life's,but I feel them less of responsibilities for themselves and Chinese ladies. Maybe only for fun,maybe there are something else. One man I know him well for working relations,he got a girlfriend,but I noticed him that he rarely trying to show his real love and interets to his girl but waiting his g/f's invitation,help or whatever that can meet his personal requirements or needs.I do not feel fair about their relationships at all..but I can't say more to him. As a man ,how much you love your partner? As a man,how much time you want to share with your partner? As a man,how many efforts you put into your current relationships? As a man,do you come to China only for fun? Or waiting for those who like to come to your hand automatically? As a man,I think you have to restudy yourself well..if you want to play fires,you are the one who lost happiness,joy of the life and be burned by your own deeds.
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