Do you like the climate which you live in???

December 12, 2007 9:26am CST
What do you xpect to be the climate of your surrounding???
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• Hong Kong
4 May 08
I don't particularly love the climate of my surrounding, especially that humidity is driving me crazy but I love the autumn and winter here, because the dryness and the temperature are just perfect.
@broc93 (168)
• Italy
3 May 08
Italian climate is the best of the world! In summer it's sunny and hot, but not too much hot. In winter ther's snow and it's cold, but not too much cold :) The climate which I live in is the perfect clkimate LOL
@ruby222 (4848)
3 May 08
In actual fact yes i think that i do,for all we moan about the weather here in the UK at least we do have our seasons.Though its true to say that our seasons are somewhat mixed up aq bit lately.But when its winter we can look forward to spring and then hopefull gradually building into a summer,and that is so lovely.Our autumn is really nice here,the leaves fall and everything looks quite pretty.When we live with these seasons as we do here ,I think it would be a change too far to be plunged into living in constant heat,im not too sure that i wouldnt find it a wee bit punishing to be constantly hot.On the other hand you have those who live in cold climates,so we would find that difficult to adapt to as well.
@jcj_111776 (3220)
• Philippines
25 Dec 07
I live in a tropical country, the Philippines and we only have two seasons here. The hot and dry summer months and the cold, rainy months. At this time of the year, we normally have a slightly cold weather. But because of the global change, at this time of the year, we experience days where it rains hard. And that only happens when it's between the months of June to September. Fortunately, as of this week, there's no more rain. Just the comfortable cold air and the comfortable warmness of the sunshine.
@sajuman (1854)
• India
14 Dec 07
I am not that much happy about my surrounding's climate..Because before some years,our climate is just an amazing experience...Moderate cold and warmness...(My state is kerala)...But nowadays the climate is changing day to day...Rain became more strong on these days... How about you.....
@nichole1983 (1187)
• Canada
12 Dec 07
im from winnipeg manitoba canada.. central canada... here we have extreme cold winters to extreme hot summers.. either way we just cant win... best times are spring and fall
@chunter (1761)
• Singapore
12 Dec 07
At this time of the year, its very rainy....and there's no snow I hope we have four seasons....I would love to have some snow at where I live in