I have almost finished my website. Take a look any feedback welcome.

December 12, 2007 7:15pm CST
Hi there. I have just uploaded my new website and am looking for some feedback. If you dont mind I would like people to take few mins to take a look and let me have your feedback however critical. Its called the opportunity seeker. Which is basically a directory for people to advertise their business or money making opportunities Free plus if you on thier looking for an opportunity you can visit our free chat rooms to ask for opinons and advice from other users. Or visit our notice boards and post notices. I am currently working on the MB section, but this is to have a perminant Scam Alert Notice board where users can sign up for email alerts where by if a new scam is posted they will recieve an email telling them. It is free to use and free to advertise. (will be when its finished) If you have any business opportunities then feel free to add them whilst your there. Also if you can think of any categories and sub categories to add to the directory i would love to hear them
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• United States
13 Dec 07
Well, my first response would be that it's a bit loud. A lot of color and little confusing to navigate. The fact that it doesn't conform to my screen size and I have to scroll right is concerning as well. Keep working with it. Nice idea. I know I have redesigned my sites many times and they seem to get better each time.
13 Dec 07
Cheers for your feedback The directory section is scripted as Pixel Perfect in asp format except for the title banner. which is a jpeg. I will change the banner to pixel perfect too. Also when you say it is a little loud I think your refering to the ink shop add banner. I will move that to the bottom of the page.
@scorpio16 (1707)
• India
30 Dec 07
I appreciate your efforts being done in a very positive direction to help others in various ways. I would definitely like to be there. Today I tried to enter into your chat room for putting some question but could not succeed due to some downloadable plugin. However I will definitely look at it and I would use that. It would be a good place to be associated as you described about its feature. I am sure this website would help us much more and we would need to make it more popular. Any suggestion to me to make it popular as acceptable to me. Please do write to me as I also have 7-8 blogs, might be not up to the international mark! What do you mean by MB, I could get it. I have requested you to be my friend, you may like to accept that and communicate to me through PM if I could be any help to you. With thanks and regards!
13 Dec 07
THE WEB ADDRESS IS http://www.theopportunityseeker.co.uk