What is the best gift that you gave/are giving your S/O for the holidays?

United States
December 12, 2007 7:58pm CST
In the past the best gift I gave my S/O was $100 towards his PS3 (which he never got). This year my gift is going to be much more centimental. I'm in a new relationship now (been together for 8 months) and so what i'm getting him is a key with a note saying he now ownes the key to my heart. I though that gift would be cute but I know I have to get him something else also, so I think I might just get him a gift card to his favorite store. What has your best gift been?
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• United States
13 Dec 07
The first year we were together, I went to a Japanese anime and video game merchandise shop with him and he mentioned offhand that he thought this one watch was totally gorgeous. I bought it for him behind his back and gave it to him for his birthday(which is two days after Christmas) and he totally flipped out. He barely even remembered that he said he liked it. He still talks about how much he loves the watch. This year, I got him a Super Famicom system in mint condition with 2 controlers and 4 games. He is going to freak OUT! lol
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@ajithlal (14569)
• India
15 Dec 07
I think Christmas cards are some of the best gifts one can give to anyone. I would suggest you to find out what yhe likes and give him give what he likes. For example if he likes painting give him a good painting or something that he can hang on his house. Christmas cakes are gifts, which can be given to anyone during Christmas. Now a days there are lots of things that looks good can be hang or put in showcase that are available for Christmas. Small statues of Christmas Santa Clause, pictures or status Guardian Angels, lucky charms, etc can be given as a gift . Watch is one common gift that can be given to anyone and everyone.