how many is too many

United States
December 12, 2007 8:46pm CST
i have 6 cats and 8 birds do u consider that alot what do u think is to many what comes first their loyalty or the upkeep u have to provide they are just like kids are they really good companions or just a pain to deal with sometimes i love my animals i give them as much as i can do u draw the line on how many u have or just have more in your situation which would u do if u know longer can find a good home for your pets what would u do what kind of action would u take to the pound as a last resort
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@Adoniah (7515)
• United States
13 Dec 07
Most cities and counties have limits on how many animals you can have. Where I live you would be over the limit. As far as how I feel about how many you have, well as long as you can take excellent care of them and keep the clean and well fed I don't see a problem. I wonder what your neighbors think about all the bird noises though. If you find that you cannot care for all of them, I do not think that you should take thim to the pound. First you should try to find good homes for them. Try to find people yourself that you know will take good care of them. If that does not work, then take them to an animal shelter where they do not kill them. Either donate some money when you take them or bring along some food and try to bring food every week until all of your little friends are adopted.
• Denver, Colorado
20 Dec 07
Like yours, my city and county have limits on pets of any kind. And there are laws about exotics including birds, snakes and ferrets. No way I'd have that many animals, birds, or whatever, I can't afford the vet bills and food for that many. I have a hard time understanding how some of the pet stores are permitted to sell some of the animals. One of my friends ran into problems with a parrot. She finally realized the bird was going to out live her. Her health was an issue and the care of the bird was difficult. She finally had to call the Humane Society and let them take the bird. She was so attached to it, that I think it actually made her health issues worse. She still cries about it, but at least she feels confident that the bird has a good home. However, I've heard people who have adopted a parrot, that the parrot is never the same either. They are very intelligent and have wonderful memories.
@pkristie7 (606)
• United States
17 Dec 07
I dont think that is too many. I think you can have as many as you can take care of. When they start to be neglected then that is too many. I have had a lot of animals, but I just live in an apartment, so I have to keep that in mind. If you have the time, patience and space then have as many pets as you want. I would.
• Canada
13 Dec 07
If you think it is not toooooo many than it is not tooo many, but for me it is toooooooooooo much. I depends on how much effort you put to make animals comfortable. Loving animals is good and taking good care of them equally important and most difficult job. best of luck hope many will grow to too many.