Is global warming just about the money?

December 12, 2007 9:18pm CST
In recent months the following developments have occurred;1. scientists have proven CO2 does not cause warming 2. scientists have shown the IPCC has used fraudulent data to support their lies 3. the earth has been cooling So while these scaremongers live it up on your money in the tropical island of Bali keep in mind they want a lot more of your hard earned cash - for the environment - no - they stopped listening to it ages ago and started believing in computer models instead. I mean look at how Albore $100 million richer through the global warming scam, buying his condominium in San Francisco while telling everyone else the city will be flooded by rising sea levels,telling everyone else to conserve energy while he uses 20x what the average American uses -you know why do people believe this guy when he doesn't even believe himself!!! love ayexxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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• Indonesia
20 Dec 07