fRiEnDs of mine..

@densky12 (164)
December 13, 2007 8:23am CST
i like having new friends. i don't choose friends. as what others said, my friends are crazy..are they really crazy?..*giggles* also include me cuz if they're crazy, i'm also crazy..i love my friends! They always makes me laugh, laugh and laugh..they said we're psychos. Are we really?.. I don't care what other people says.. We're also vain! We admit it! *laughs* We really love camera, wherever we go, whatever we do, if there's a camera, guys...let's POSE! Say swisss.." *laughs*
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@lilaclady (28240)
• Australia
13 Dec 07
You sound like a happy little mob, thats good, thats what life is all about being happy and enjoying yourself..I love to see young people enjoying themselves, you stay happy, and treasure those friends of yours...
@densky12 (164)
• France
13 Dec 07
thanx for that lovely response!*smiles* i just want to enjoy life cuz life here on earth is just, don't wanna waste my time here..and yeah, i must treasure them cuz i can't find another same friends like them..*giggles* you too! Hope you also enjoy!