What to do in this situation?

December 13, 2007 12:38pm CST
well just a run down of this... my mom was in a car accident in 2003.. she has appealed the decision of the insurance companies decision... she got an advocate to work on her behalf.. in the last 2 years he has done nothing on the file.. he has lied on numerous occasions... and has almost got my mom and i not to talk to eachother over this circumstance of the lies that he said.. he told my mom that he would give her a personal check (which has been cashed and it has bounced) but said everything is ok with it blah blah blah and so on... my question is what should she do in this circumstance? he has requested the check back saying he needs the numbers on the back of it to process some sort of claim against the bank... what does he need these numbers for? another thing is that he said *curtis* the guy at the bank needs this info but when called the bank no *curtis* works there... any advice would be greatly appreciated... any other info you need just let me know...
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23 Jul 09
get you a good lawyer if you can or call legel aid if you have it there this sounds like fraud to me wishing you all the luck