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December 13, 2007 2:39pm CST
Are Veterans being treated as they should be today? How can we show our appreciation to Veterans? There are many Veterans who were in Vietnam and the World Wars, they are dying from being exposed from Agent Orange and Uranium. Do you think that there are enough medical programs and Counseling for them? Should they have to pay one cent for medical treatment or counseling.
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@lightningd (1041)
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8 Jan 08
I am a disabled veteran, and I do receive benefits from the VA. I will say that depending on the VA hospital I go to, my treatment ranges from poor to great. The benefit hoops I have to jump through regarding my benefits though, are rediculous. The disorganization within the VA regional offices is incredible. Last summer, I received a letter from the VA stating that I had not returned an employment questionaire and that if I didn't submit it this time, they would be reducing my benefits. I immediately filled out the form, and mailed it back the same day, only to receive a letter from the VA December 20th stating that due to non recipt of the form, they were dropping my benefits to 50%. Now, when I sent that form, I called the VA regional office to make sure they had the form, and I was told that they had received it and everything was fine, and my benefits would continue uninterrupted. (This was september). Then I get this letter. Needless to say, I immediately called the VA asked why I was told one thing, now they're doing another. They said they didn't have that form. So it has been sent in again, through my rep, and they are once again saying they have it, but that it could be months before it's resolved. My benefits will be reduced effective March 1st if it is not taken care of by then. So to answer your question, now we're not treated the way we should be. Simply because someone lost a paper, not once but twice, I am being penalized, and my not be able to make my house payment in March. Not much I can do about it, other than wait it out, but it's still irritating. Then add to the mix that because I don't have other health insurance, I have to go through the VA to get medical treatment. My nearest VA is 90 miles from me. second closest is 120 miles. The one 90 miles away, my PAC will not listen to me, and whenever I request treatment for something, I get ignored. The one 120 miles away that I have just started going to because of female problems and they have an OB/GYN, the doctors are much nicer, and willing to listen to my problems. The biggest issue is though, that in an emergency, I have to go 120 miles because the one 90 miles away is only open 8-5 monday through friday, with no emergency room. I can't go to a regular hospital because I dont have insurance.