E-book and traditional book,which do you like better?

December 14, 2007 9:31am CST
Nowadays more e-books are avalible on internet.Compared with traditional book,the advantage of e-book is obvious.First of all,they are free.Besides,they can be get more easily,just sit at the computer and click the mice is ok.But there are also disadvantages.Some time i find that i got a lot of e-books,but i am not feeling like reading them.Some other time,i find reading e-books make me tired easily.So,i would like to view the new book by e-book,if i like it,i will buy it from a bookstore.What do think of it?E-book or traditional book?
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• Philippines
14 Dec 07
I like traditional books better. In the past, several friends have sent me e-books via email but I found that I can't get to finish reading them because I get headaches from staring at the computer screen for too long. I'd rather buy actual books and collect them. Anytime I feel like reading them, I could, without having to open the computer, which also wastes electricity.
@jiangli (363)
• China
14 Dec 07
I like the traditional books more,despite i have downloaded many E-books to my computer!Just as you,I also hate reading E-books,i like to touch the paper of books when i read! If i love a book ,i would like to store it by buying it!