Can an individual contribute towards reducing global warming?

@anup12 (4180)
December 14, 2007 10:08am CST
I strongly feel that an individual can contribute towards reducing the global warming. 1. Each individual should take teh responibility to conserve energy. 2.People should use public transport rather than their own conveyance. 3.Social awareness program should be conducted to make people aware about the dangers of global warming.
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@jiangli (363)
• China
14 Dec 07
I have seen a documentory from BBC to state that there are not any relation between co2 and global warming .but one thing is certain that everyone has responsibility to our only hometown.If everyone ignores the problem ,the future is darkness!
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• Canada
16 Dec 07
I support your view because every person on the plant contributes to thinking that can eventually become mass consciousness. So just as the old way of thinking involved meeting one's own needs and driving the biggest gas guzzler one could there is a movement towards economy. Everything that becomes manifested in our world was some innovative thinker's idea first because we are all co-creators whether we view it that way or not. So yes, I think that the green movement is raising people's consciousness and hopefully future generations will understand that everything in life has a ripple effect and the choices we make today will affect our future and everyone else's. Hopefully we will learn from past errors in judgment and make better ones in the future. We have a wonderful planet with many natural is not the lack of resources that is the problem...just the way they are mis-managed. Good topic... Raia
• United States
14 Dec 07
I always find myself very upset by this topic. Many people think that an individual cannot contribute towards the ultimate reduction of global warming. I disagree. I think it's quite simple. One plus One = Two. Two plus one = three, and so on. I understand that someone may think that an individual could not help prevent global warming if they were the only individual who was participating, but that is never the case. It's a team effort, and it takes MANY individuals to build that team. It takes a team built up of many parties of ONE. Every individual can and will make a difference, should they care to, because it's never just one person when you look at the big picture. Every single person adds onto the ever-growing group of participants and the more people who act against this natural catastrophe, the better. Someone said something to me the other day that really bothered me, they said, "An individual cannot make a difference." I said, "If everyone has that mentality, than you're right, they can't." However, not everyone has that mentality, in which case, some people are contributing daily. Although one person may not be able to see the entire party of concerned citizens who are decreasing their carbon footprint, the earth will see it. This person also said, which is what really upset me, "If one billion people are doing something, it's not going to make a difference if it's one billion and one." I said, "Thats an ignorant statement, because everyone could see it that way, in which case, no one would be contributing, because they believe they are that one stand-off individual." It's a difficult concept to put into words, but every individual is ultimately more than one individual, because there are others out there who are also doing their part to help. Every one individual is added to the existing individuals, and the number of people continuously grows. One person, in this case, is never one person. And, every person who believes that one person can't help, is one less person on that bandwagon thats headed to saving the world.