Collection Agencies are the DEVIL!

@breepeace (3027)
December 14, 2007 10:54am CST
I'm getting so frustrated -- I don't even owe any money and collection agencies are driving me INSANE! My ex roommate got kicked out over a year ago and I still get 2 phone calls a week from a collection agency trying to get in touch with him. I've told them repeatedly that he no longer lives with me, that I don't have a forwarding number or address and that I haven't spoke to him since he left. It doesn't seem to matter. I still get the phone calls, and now there's an autodialer calling for him and I don't have the time to call it back everytime it calls me to yell at a real person. Then at my reception job I have another collection agency calling with their stupid autodialler for a 'Jennifer Lam'. No one by that name works here, and I got really fed up with recieving that phone call 3 times a week, so I decided to go through the motions to set the record straight yesterday. I was on hold for 10 minutes, passed around 3 times, and then finally reached a harried sounding girl who asked if she could 'call back in 10 minutes?'. I said no, told her the number and asked that they stop calling the business for this person as no one by that name works here (or ever has, I asked the accountant who has been here 20 years). That was just yesterday. Now it seems like because I made contact with these morons, today I'm getting harrassing phone calls from this collection agency who seem to believe I'M bloody Jennifer Lam trying to lie to them. I've already recieved 2 and it's only quarter to 10! What the hell can I do? I was just frustrated with recieving autodiallers that beep in my ear and ask for someone who has never been at this number, and now these vultures believe I'm lying to them? I used to work in collections and we would never speak the way to a debtor that these jerks just spoke to me. Especially if it wasn't even confirmed that the person we were speaking to was the one that owed us money.
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@artemis432 (7474)
• Abernathy, Texas
15 Dec 07
I'd find out exactly what the law is. Not only are they exhibiting harassing behaviour but they don't even have the right person. People have won many lawsuits against these agencies -even the debtors. Try the FTC. Research it on the web see what is legal. Or have one of those free consultations witha lawyer. Sorry you're going throgh this! I'm suprised no one responded! I bet others have dealth with this. Of course I found you by specifically looking for posts with not replies.
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