the beatiful song that i know!

December 14, 2007 1:58pm CST
the song when you're gone is one of best songs/ the beat can catch our memory easily/when you are alone,the song is the best friend. just have a try!!! wonderful day!!!
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@hershiez (464)
28 Feb 09
Hi and hello, Low333333! ^_^ "When you're gone" by Cranberries is also my favorite. I like the meaning of it's lyrics. ^_^
• Calgary, Alberta
28 Feb 13
Until now I am so sad that the only cranberry song most casual listeners know is zombie, when they have so much amazing songs that is 1000 times better than zombie. I do love zombie as a song but its just disappointing that people never gave their other songs a chance. They are one of the best bands in the 90's. from heavy rock songs to ballads, they have so much to offer. Dolores' voice is just amazing.
@goodsign (2287)
• Malaysia
16 Dec 07
16dec07/mal-10/1900/sun Hi, Low. For me a good song and I am feeling good is Forever Young from an Aussie band group, Youth Group. Whe I am feeling good, I will listen to this song and you, as well. This is my source links for that song; YOUTH GROUP VIDEO CLIPS YOUTH GROUP LYRICS Happy Postings and Earnings, Low. HAPPY DAPPY.
• China
18 Dec 07
thanks , i will have a try!!!
@lmizzy (78)
• China
23 Nov 08
Hi,low,so nice to see someone who loves the canberries just like me. I started to listen to their music 2 years ago.For me, the songs " ode to family "and "zombieā€ is my favorate songs of their's.The singer,Doloers's voice is so beautiful and great,of couse,and it is hard to mimic.Her voice is so clean that it seems not to come to from the earth.