Should I marry a richman or the guy loves me more than himself?

December 14, 2007 9:11pm CST
I borned on a poor and being looked down upon by my relatives,maybe which, I always hope to live a rich life and enjoy others' appreciation! I don't hope to live a poor anymore! And my parents always hope me to marry a richman to let me live happily! But as you know , many richman won't have one wife , and only love his wife ! And my boyfriend loves me more than himself , for me , he is struggling to let me live a better life! How long can he become rich ? i don't hope after we are married , we also will live a non-rich life!Am I selfish? I don't know really !
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• India
15 Dec 07
I hope you are from China. I don't know about the married life of women there. If I belong to culture which accepts re-marriage for woman,I will marry the rich man. If such practice is not acceptable to my culture, I will marry a man who loves me more. I hope your parents have better experience in life. Discuss with them frankly,the pros and cons in a cool manner and decide.
• India
18 Dec 07
u should marry the person whom u love n who loves u . if u love someone n he loves u 2 it means ur the richest person in this world.
@tiffiny (872)
• United States
15 Dec 07
I know it's not fun to not have money and to work really hard for everything you have but I would rather be poor and know that my husband loves me with every fiber of his being than be rich and lonely.