Even Kids Can Beat Pacman!!!!!!

December 15, 2007 5:40am CST
The results are in for the opening night of Manny Pacquiao's new show, Pinoy Records, currently shown in GMA 7, aired last week. The airtime of Pinoy Records, 6:00 PM every Saturday, is the same as Super Inggo of Makisig Morales in ABS-CBN 2. The Pacman fans maybe shocked when this headline hit a leading newspaper: Super Inggo beats Pinoy Records!!!!! Makisig, together with co-star Jairus Aquino, were surprised but thankful about the ratings. Well for me, it's no surprise that Inggo had beaten Pinoy Records last Saturday and maybe even today's broadcast will still be a runaway for ABS-CBN. The show's format is way too odd. Talking about two GenSan teenagers doing a Manny Pacquiao routine when he's still a boxing newbie and a fat guy and a lanky one trying to beat in a shoot-out a streakshooter like Florendo "Ren-Ren" Ritualo Jr. Any thoughts about the ratings game?
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@cutieguy (31)
• Philippines
9 Jan 08
i think ratings are not credible anymore.. GMA and ABS are held on court because of ratings controversy.
@laiza14 (593)
• Philippines
30 Dec 07
oh i thought with boxing. :P
@nengs10 (3188)
• Philippines
27 Dec 07
I love ratings game. It excites me everytime I see the results from the AGB Nielsen Company. I may not totally rely on the ratings of the show. It just adds spice to the world of entertainment and television.
• Philippines
19 Dec 07
yep... that was really funny... the tv show pinoy records was on their first night and was really on a rush to be aired, don't know why did it so fast that's why it was not known much and was'nt really exposed that much.. well i'm not on either sides but i can say channel 7 had some mistakes on this one... maybe Pacquiao was really excited to be on tv... hehehe... better make a Batibot style tv shows rather than this one to make a different image on him... ^_^peace out!
@aseretdd (13736)
• Philippines
19 Dec 07
I think the low rating of Pacquiao's new show is partly because of the controversies with his leading ladies in his new movie... other than that... people appreciate him more as a boxer and not as at tv or movie personality... i just wish he would concentrate more on boxing and his family rather than the hype of showbiz...