What is a Pure Religion?

@Ngippol (567)
December 15, 2007 7:15am CST
The word Religion has been used many times by many people around the world. But what is really the meaning of religion in biblical context?
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@SEOGUY (906)
• United States
18 Dec 07
Although I beleive I understand what you are realy asking here, your pertext is wrong. For you beleive that firstly everyone knows the diffanition of religion. And secondly everyone agrees with that defanition. So I will answer this stating at my basic understanding of the question and work my way up. Most people beleive that religion was given to us by God, Wrong, although Christans Jews and Muslams beleive God gave us the law (and rightly so) man made religions to worship their God / gods. Religion is a set of rules, trditions and rituals. So any religion can be called pure religion for they all have thes things in common. How ever thogh, Christianity can not be called pure religion, and befor I offend some let me say I am a Christian so please read further. The reason Christianity can not be called a pure religion is becouse under the concepts of Christianity we are no longer under the Law, secondly we do not have any needs for rituals becouse our High Priest is God himself, And Jesus said to those who kept traditions," You make void the word of God with your tradition". Christianity is better defind as a sect or spritulism. A sect becouse Christians were at first a sect of the Jews, outside of mainstream Judiesm. And we pay more attion to spritual growth in a "relationship" with God. Therefor Christianity can by no deffanition be called a religion unless that Christian choses to #1 put themselves back under the law, #2 practice rituals that are exspresly tought against by Jesus, and #3 creat and cellabrate thier traditions inspite of the fact that everything has changed, and wish to become under dogmatic rule of a preist or paster rather than bask in the Joy of the Son.
@Harley009 (1420)
• India
15 Dec 07
Religion is meant to give the right method of living and a good framework for life and to add goal & aim to our life. It always has been misused by many people who namely known with their religious titles. For me the religion is Islam, which means Peace & Submission to God. Have a nice day!
• India
15 Dec 07
Hi Ngippol, Frankly talking to you I do not know about religion in biblical context.But I know there is nothing called pure religion but I know there are pure religious people(whichever religion they belong).