October 29, 2006 4:37am CST
Math was always been a tough subjects for me. Why mathamatics is so difficukt to solve? any clues to make it easy .
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• India
29 Oct 06
maths was never difficult and is also not diff...well ppl take it that ways takes thro understanding of the asics and a good mathamatical attitude to slove certain prob at the higher to make it simple...understand itthen do it ur way..
• Australia
29 Oct 06
I love maths and I have always been pretty good at it, I love numbers. I think the best way to look at is the number one fact that maths doesnt change and is constant. In other words 1+1 will always = 2, so therefore if you learn something it will be the same next time ytou go to do it. If you think like that then you may notice that you dont have to think about what the first step is in solving a problem, as you already know the answer, because it is still the same as it was last time. Ok that was way to long lmao. Hope it made some sense.