FDS (feminine deodorant sprays) Why do woman use them?

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December 15, 2007 2:44pm CST
why do woman use FDS sprays? Do they reall smell that bad or is it to attract the men? The body has its own smell and it has a smell for a reason. Just like men have a smell and that can catch a womans senses in a heart beat. If ur a woman or have a woman does she use FDS sprays and why?
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16 Dec 07
i have a female friend who uses the spray but i belive it was done from a bad realtionship on find more about the abuse i agree with you on people have ceartain smell ect.. but i belive alot of women that prob use it cause of something that has prob happen in a ending of a bad realtionship alot of time men and women can put a complex on each other when angry so if you find that a person your with is useing this make that person feel good about self if this is your partner and just as a good idea say lets shower before we make love offer first or make it into a romatic thing from the shower to the bed ect.. cause you dont need to be mean and tell your partner he or she smells ect... hurts feelings and adds a complex to a person and someone you love