Incidences with taxi or cab drivers, anyone?

October 29, 2006 5:04am CST
My car was at the service. It was raining and I had to hail a taxi to work. The driver was a huge, fat old man who appeared sickly. He kept burping and farting all the way....eeewww! What was your experience?
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@tarachand (3895)
• India
30 Oct 06
I got into a cab after a 38 hour train ride. The driver was a young, a young sikh, smooth, polite and fast talking. He started the cab and my eyes fell on the meter, it was already showing 10 bucks (that translates to about Rs.130/-, since the meters in Mumbai are never recaliberated, there is a reference chart that that shows how much you have to pay). When I pointed it out to him and asked him to reset the meter, he suddenly stopped the casr saying that his car dynamo was bad and that I should take another cab.He forced me out of the cab and unloaded my luggage in the middel of the road. He did not unload an expensive water thermos (Maybe 1000/- bucks and sped away). I contacted the cops, who castigated me for taking an out-of turn cab. You are supposed to wait in a queue in Mumbai and the cop records your name, the cab number, destination, cab drivers name and sometimes even his license number. Lesson (1)So at a major transport hub (airports,railway stations, bus treminals, etc) stand in the queue,wait your turn and save yourself hearburn and loss. Lsson (2) In Mumbai, beware of the sikh drivers who are smartly dressed in white shirts or pants, I have seen them cheat many a new-comer to the city and fleece foreigners, hence giving the city and India a bad name.
• Malaysia
30 Oct 06
Thank you Tarachand. That should be a good reminder to everyone. Also, always check your seat and belongings before alighting.
@ferryy (1083)
• Indonesia
29 Oct 06
i'm never
• Malaysia
29 Oct 06
Lucky you. Thanks for responding.
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@macubx (11422)
• Philippines
1 Nov 06
not much, ive only interviewed a woman who drives a Taxi.. coz its something that i dont see everyday..