have you seen ghost in real?(only truth please)

@aaslin (123)
December 17, 2007 8:04am CST
friends last night i went out to reach my cousins house which is 1km away from my house....when i was walking i had someone shouting at me..and i started running..i also heard the sound of someone chasing me...but after i went close to my cousins house nothing was there...but still my heart beats are more...i didnt tell it to anyone except here in mylot...now my question is GHOST REAL?DO U HAVE ANY EXPERIENCE?
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@aries_0325 (3062)
• Philippines
9 Jan 08
Yes, I have seen many ghost and I believe to the spirit. Yes I always believe in ghost and I believe that there are many spirit surround us in this world. And I believe also that the spirit of our love are here in our side to protect us and guide us everytime we are in trouble and I know that there are spirit that are bad and there spirit are good.
• Malaysia
21 Dec 07
i saw the pontianak (women ghost with black haired) just like japanese horrow movie when i'm still young about 14 years old. at that time i'm walking alone from my scholl i think at midninght because of the one program that i'm participated.. suddenly when i crossed one big tree i heard something that screaming behind me...then i saw pontianak with fierce face.. at that time i'm very afraid dude and i think i will collapsed in front of that ghost...but i still have energy to run....the exciting part is that pontianak follow me...but i managed to escape...hopely...that all to answer your question...ghost is really exist nowhere... so be carefull...
• Malaysia
18 Dec 07
Is the ghost real? The aswer is yes. Samething if people ask you, is God real? The answer is YES!. There's one time when I was a child. Because my family financila is not so good that time, we manage to live in a rent house. The rent was very-very cheap if it is compared to its area, and it located not far from the city center. But, it is pecular that no one have ever stay in that house for long. And we do not know all the story when we rented the house ofcourse. One day around late evening, I play at the enterance of our house. Then, suddenly I felt a cold sweat, but as a child I know nothing. Then, the "thing" look like a woman covered in mist come accros me. I don't have any idea of what it was. But I feel scare and ran into my house. Then I bring my mom to see "her", but ofcourse there was nothing there. And I fell sick. The doctor say that I'm not. I fell very ill for the rest of the week. Then one day, my father was out station. So, my mother call her brother to stay with us just to make us feel safe. So, my uncle come and relaxing at the living room till midninght. Then suddenly, I was awake because I'm hearing some noise outside my house, it just a plain noise of some one stepping on a dry stick. But, then i just fell asleep again. When I wake up in the morning, my uncle (My mother's younger brother) was speaking to my mom. "Last night when I was smoking out side, I hear someone walking around this house," Then I started to remember the noise that I heard last night. "I thought that it was a thief or buglarsmso, I take the steel rod and try to catch up with them, but to my surprise that it was something headless" he say. I'm not sure what's going on but we stay at our grandpa house for that day untill my father come back... Don't believe it? No one force you.
• Philippines
17 Dec 07
I saw one morning in our house, it just past by in a speedy way that i have no time to react.Also, in the hospital where i work, the nurses, my c0-resident doctor and i heard screams that is coming within our room but we did not see who did that