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By Amy
Abernathy, Texas
December 17, 2007 1:15pm CST
Mothers bring us into the world. Sometimes it stops right there - they give their child up or proceed to live their lives without feeling they need to give much time and energy to their child, or they abuse their child. Yet some mothers nurse their babies - a sacrifice of time sometimes, if like me you nrse day and not, and yet as the Association of Pediatrics will tell you, it is THE optimal food for AT LEAST the first 12 months. Forumulas are always terying to emuate what's in mommy's milk. It gives baby's a great start as far as less chance of obesity later, better brain development, just all kinds of rich nutrients a baby really needs. It benefits moommies too - helping the body to process glucose, bonding. For me it was painful - incredibly the first few months but I got through. Moms who are active participants in their child's life, read to their baby and play, talk to them- teaching them the rthymn of language - and most of all, hold and cuddle them. They help their child with homework and problems and kiss boo-boos - they love their child unconditionally - separating behaviour from the child whenever they can - punishing behaviour but letting the child know through their love this discipline - grounding or whatever does not diminish how they feel about their child. On my birthday, I send my mom flowers -after all - I had no hand in my birth - it was her that spent time in labor and nine long months carrying me. All the accomplishments, opportunities and blessings in life, would never have come about without her bearing me - and bearing with me as a child. Yes it was difficult - and a bit tricky, but she's still one of my favourite people. So my question is this - If you live close to your mom - how often do you see her. If you live someowhat far - how often do you talk or write?
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@Melody1 (968)
• India
17 Dec 07
I live very far from my mothers place and so don't meet her physically very often.But I do make it a point to talk to her twice a week.This way I am reassured that she is fine and doing well.There are all the relative living in the same city where she lives and do visit her almost everyday.So that way she is in good care.
• Abernathy, Texas
26 Jun 08
Yes, its the same with my mom, guys. She lives in Ohio close to my brother and his family and other "oldler americans" in her apartment complex. I do talk to her a few times a week.
• United States
19 Dec 07
I live a cross the street from my mother. I moved back home July 19th. I am however moving away again it's not working here for me. I love how you love your mother. I see my mother every day. I step out to check my box and see her sitting on her bed. My sister lives next door to my mother as well. It's nice and it's horrible at the same time.