What the H*ll Happened?

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December 17, 2007 4:29pm CST
I know that the Giants slow down at the end of the season but last night they couldn't catch cold.What happened. Half the passes Eli threw were in the right spot but the "receivers" didn't catch them. And the other half Were Eli's fault.I know they were playing in very windy conditions but still not all were taken away by the wind. And can anyone tell me why the Giants didn't run more?It is windy, your " receivers" can't catch the ball so you decide to throw more?The silver lining is that if this keeps happening, the coach will be fired. I will be So happy to see him go.
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25 Dec 07
Well the running game had been slow at the time and Plex has been hurting. All together is a asking for a disaster. The Giants are in the playoffs now and can now rest their players....plus Ahmad Bradshaw has amerged as a very good runner. We now have a choice between 4 running backs and can now sustain a running game with some timely passing. Expect the Giants to make a come back in the playoffs.
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