Can anyone Define Time ??

December 18, 2007 1:43am CST
Is it Possible to Define Time ??Is Space = Time ????Now Time...ya its an instance but we need the term 'time' due to two things i think 'space' and light..we distinguish between instances of two different positions of a body in space and call it time....but it is interfered by a thing called light....We know the speed of light...when we see something far away countable in light years we are actually seeing past....because if some changes happen at this instant far away we will come to know about it only when the light at the spot of happening reaches as we see far we see across time....isn't it...just let meknow if there are any dumb lines by me
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@hanreq (1445)
• Philippines
18 Dec 07
....oh......well,time is for everyone,past,present and future are kind of will see the happening in your life with time...everyday,you do anything with space=time?time for need to space because the word of busy....time is the reason to have a schedule for everyone,for arrange and for space..... time is gold,its motto.....:)