Freaky Husband wants to do Everything

United States
December 18, 2007 8:09am CST
My husband is a freak! A freak of nature, I think. My girlfriends tel me I hit the jackpot because my bedroom is never boring. I do appreciate that my husband finds me sexy but I am tired! That is why I take so many naps during the day. I don't understand how he can function at work. Aren't most men freaks or am I really lucky?
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• Philippines
22 Dec 07
Overall, you are very lucky. Would you prefer him to be less freaky? Who knows, you might miss it. But I hope that when you don't really feel like doing it, he will wholeheartedly accept your "no" and won't take it as a form of rejection. Open communication is the key. Again, just want to tell you, you're very lucky LOL
• United States
18 Dec 07
It depends on if you like it or not. If you don't like him being a freak then, it's not a good thing but, if you do like it then you are a very lucky woman indeed. I'm very happy with my freak!
@Stephanie5 (2947)
• United States
18 Dec 07
I have a freak too! I don't know how he functions sometimes either! Gosh, Don't they EVER get enough? Whew, I'm tired, lol. ;-)