Healthy person.

December 18, 2007 11:59am CST
What you think who is the healthy person. A person who is Fat and have the weight 85 KG.with hight 5.8 or A Person who Have the weight 55 KG with hight 5.3
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• Pakistan
24 Dec 07
Hi shahsazzz. The discussion you started contains some calculations. But I would simply like to say that the health does not depend on increase in weight. A fat man or woman could not be called healthy. A person with low weight and with strong mussels could be called healthy enough. If person can run fast if a person does tire. If a person has stamina should called a healthy person.
18 Dec 07
A measurement of whether one's height and weight are in a healthy range, is the BMI (Body Mass Index). The person who weighs 85KG and is 5'8" has a BMI of 28.4. This means that they are overweight. Their ideal weight would be in the region of 55 - 74 KG (122 - 164Lbs). The person who weighs 55KG and is 5'3" has a BMI of 21.4. This means that their weight is within the 'normal' range for their height. Source: