my son finally...

@vanities (11387)
Davao, Philippines
December 18, 2007 6:52pm CST
i am very much happy now since my son have come to its senses for breaking up his girlfriend for 2 yrs now..i know from the very start that the girl is not good for him and in the beginning of the relationship ive tried to warn him or talk him out of it(relationship) but to no avail..what i do then was i just pray and understand him and let him see the faults i have seen or feel towards the girl...lots of sacrifices have been made because of this girl..his studies and including the relationships in the family..does anyone have same experiences as with us?? coz of this i learned a very important lesson in parents we cant dictate the feelings of our daughter/son when in terms of love..but we can pray atleast to God that they will be enlightened to know that we are right in some ways..
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21 Dec 07
it's indeed a good new for your son. i'm happy for you. sometimes love is a tough guy. but it's good for your son to undergo such a thing which makes him become stronger . i believe that your son can get a better relationship next time which is more sweet and more mature. you are a good mother , wish you all the best