If you were to face Orochimaru in a battle, what technique will you use?

December 19, 2007 8:32am CST
Imagine orochimaru infront of you executing diffrent genjutsus and ninjutsus... what technique do you think is more suitable to counter his attacks? remember this guys was beaten by tsunade and jiraiya in the episode of orochimaru... ^_^ peace out!
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@ANAS55 (6)
• Morocco
19 Dec 07
i will use sharingun to sto^p his mouvment and then i will atack with powerfull rasingun
• Philippines
20 Dec 07
very clever, having the sharingan skill together with rasengan will really be so effective
@tomoe_spy (260)
• Philippines
2 Feb 08
I'll use rin'negan against him, then he'll be pawned in no time ^_^
@welllll (117)
• Singapore
30 Jan 08
Counter attack? If Orochimaru in front of me, I will use run away technique.
• Mexico
26 Jan 08
I will star with summoning Gama Bunta then i will got in to Hermitt mode, then i will make the most craziest rasengan ever!! To big i mean
2 Jan 08
well I would start of as hinata and this is going by any jutsu I want regardless if she really knows them or not first useing my byakugan id locate all his chakra points then Id use my Kage bushin no jutsu art of the shadow dopple ganger then a transformation sexy jutsu to distract him then I would pull out my heaven sword with chakra infused in the blade and slice the main chakra points to his hearts while casting a gen-jutsu demonic illusion nightmare jutsu just to make sure then id use gentle fist tai-jutsu style 128 palm and yeah if he didn't die from all that id pretty much either be screwed or out of chakra