what tricks would you use to get someone's attention

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@lucgeta (925)
December 19, 2007 4:41pm CST
Hello guys, I had a very interesting day in looking for an apartment for myself, a small one, caz that's what we need by now. Read my blog for details, http://thefrenchstuff.blogstpot.com. I got Monday's ad papers and circle all that interested me, call the agencies and they ask me my contact details and said they would call me back. When they did was to ask me a second time what ad have I seen to find out that I should go to the agency. I did and they didn't have that property in the ad but others - there is an old saying here "call them when the papers are hot because the properties goes in a blink of an eye". It's a trick to call people's attention to your business, is it worth in your opinion? Most of times they offered me things way over my budget. Would you do that? What about confidence? What do you do then?
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