DEATH...(what do u think?)

@ccoriel (571)
August 14, 2006 1:37pm CST
Death as the end of life or transition to a new life?
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@ram_ravi (406)
• India
15 Aug 06
According travsition to a new life.
@rainbow (6763)
15 Aug 06
I quite like the idea that we keep coming back until we are enlightened and go to Nirvana, or maybe a different concert depending on preference. I have read a lot of Taoism and this made sense to me. I can't say I can do the whole Buddism you were bad come back as an ant thing but a giraffe would be nice, so much gentle than self-destructive humans, who knows it could be fun!
@abubakr (88)
• Sudan
15 Aug 06
@19670104 (84)
• South Africa
15 Aug 06
I am starting to belief that you are reborn more than once until you have fulfill the perpose you were intended to on earth. I were sceptical before but something happened in my life and as i get older things are changing and my beliefs are changing. Havent it ever felt as if you've been somewhere before but you know you havent? well all i can say appreciate what you have in life know because when you come back you'll have to answer to what you have created in this life..... we never realy know do we!
@ssh123 (31100)
• India
15 Aug 06
Prepare list of priorities of your desires, ambitions, tasks. Try to fulfil as much as you can. Do it on war footing. Chances are there is no rebirth.
@Victoria7 (1242)
• Spain
14 Aug 06
Transition to a new life...