Google getting a Wikipedia? Sort of...

@theprogamer (10539)
United States
December 19, 2007 7:25pm CST
Had to post this one with all of the wikipedia discussions and comments out in mylot land. Apparently Google is working on competition to Wikipedia. However, this Knol project, its different from the Wikipedia in quite a few ways. Knol in beta right now and is invite only (much like gmail from a few years back). Its not open edit format, so people do not have to worry about vandalism from the serious members. For now, Google has plans to let multiple people have their own entry on a subject. Knol will allow ratings by other members (I shuddered a bit for...obvious reasons...-_-) Of course this project has a lot of catching up to do to Wikipedia and even some lesser wikis on all sorts of subjects. Still, it has potential to become least remotely remarkable. Consider many people interacting with google products online and seeing the best of the best putting up great knowledge(or "knol") entries. And from the look of it, its one more thing of "maybe Google can do it all?". Happy reading and posting
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