Right up till now, how many heroes are capable of killing Sylar

December 19, 2007 9:17pm CST
Just finished season 2, Sylar is back, exciting! Sylar has multi powers, but he is sure not invincible, how many heroes do you think are capable of killing him?
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• Malaysia
20 Dec 07
The Haitian can kill anyone has he can disable the powers of other heroes. When I really think of it, I think any senior Hero is able to kill him as he doesn't have a healing ability. Remember, Sylar only killed those new hero who just discover his/her power. He definitely will not be able to kill any of the Hero who has already half way master or fully master their powers.
• Malaysia
6 Feb 08
i think peter can kill sylar because he already have sylar and others power especially claire's. so he can die and he also have hiro powers.
@olrayt (38)
• Philippines
23 Jan 08
Anyone could kill Sylar. As long as the killer catches him sleeping... :D Seriously, I think the following could kill Sylar: 1. Peter - and that would be one heck of a battle of anime proportions. 2. Hiro - he could travel to like 5 minutes ago and stab him again and again. 3. Adam - not unless a serious head wound could stop him, like it does Claire. 4. Elle - but only if Sylar doesn't know she's there and she acts quickly. 5. the Haitian - ah, they'd end up in a fistfight, and that bulky Haitian would outclass Sylar in no time.
@markb658 (40)
• Ireland
9 Jan 08
Out of all of them, Peter has the most chance of killing him i'd say, because any power Sylar uses on him, peter can just use it back, so he'll always be one step ahead of sylar, And the fight they had at the end of series 1, IMO peter came out on top in that one,only for that piece of glass, sneaky one from sylar!