Do you know which color is bad luck when used to write or sign a name in asia?

December 20, 2007 12:22am CST
A)White B)Red C)Blue D)Black E)Green ANSWERS: A)White on,but not right on.In fact,you're wrong.So I guess you need to white out this answer.Is white even a real color?Try again. B)Correct.In ancient time the color red wan reserved for the dead.The names of the deceased were written,painted,or engraved in red on gravestones and plaques in the village centers.Even today many traditional people will get nervous if you write their name down in red.To write a living person's name in red means in they will die soon or you want thenm dead.Try this next time you write a letter to you ex-lover. C)You're wrong,but don't feel too blue! D)Are you having a total Blackout in your mind?Of course not black. E)Don't be greedy.Money can't always buy the right answer.Try or buy again.
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@youless (94715)
• Guangzhou, China
21 Dec 07
I am from China. I can only say that writting a letter in red means inpolite or want to break up. Other colors are fine to write. There is no bad luck color for writting.
• India
20 Dec 07
black is always means something bad!! this color signifies too!!!