Relationship Matters

December 20, 2007 4:05am CST
I was sitting on my table,concentrating on what I am doing when an officemate ask me a question I hav'nt expected. He ask me, have you ever expirienced in your previous job,when people around are jealous because of your performance? I was half consious to his query, becasue in reality I dont care what people think or thougth about me. My concern is I do my job with the aim of excellence. If there's onething that really mattters to me, it is the relationship I have with the people around. I wanted every moment to be prescious, a worth remembering for each and everyone of us. Our life's journey is uncertain, we dont know its length. This makes me enjoyed every moment of it; becasue I know things will past as it is destined. I hope before things will stop its routine there is no regrets within me. I hope I will leave the bus smilling because I have enjoy the ride.
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@cosylvia (401)
• China
21 Dec 07
agree with your opinion,you have a health thought..wish you have a good day and merry christmas
@CEN7777 (858)
• India
20 Dec 07
Hi ice_meltedinwater, you have rightly said realtion realy matters in life at evert stage. No matter whether you are in office or in socal society. If you have good peoples around you your small life will be like heaven. what a good relation costs , just nothing, only you to be honest, controlled behaviour, and give respect to peoples around you. You have to just do you part of work honestly, rest your good relations will take care and you will never get failure.