what will you do?

December 20, 2007 4:36am CST
Before I came into society, everyone told me that society is complicated. And you should be alert. But didn't care about this, because I believe that everyone is kindhearted and no on would like to hurt others. But today, I knew something. We now rent a house with 3 people including me, and one day, we decided to ask the working place for a dormitory because we are short of money. and we decided to go toghter to ask for the dormitory. But i am too innocent, even fool. Today, a girl asked me whether our the house we rented can only live 3 people. she said that one of the girl of us 3 asked for a dormitory several days ago for this reason. when hearing this, i was shocked. actually, we decided to ask for a house together, but she did it before us. and the elder girl told me that another girl of us 3 may have a dormitory next year because her collgue in her office will leave our working place and she can live in her collegue's room. I was shocked again. then, only me without a room. I have to rent a house next year by myself if I won't ask for a room. i am very angry. how can the girl asked for a room without telling me? i was just waiting for her to ask me to the office to ask for the dormitory together. I am so foolish. If you were I, what will you do? And the following days, what will you do to be a collegue of the girl?
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@wseayuan (374)
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21 Dec 07
just as you say the society is so complicated and we may can't deal with somethings ,i think we should learn to protect ourselves ,learn to know more about the society ,and can do something to change the society . you know there are a lot of things that works as what we think ,when you are cheated or hurted ,just learn from it and learn to smile to treat it .then try to do something you like .
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22 Dec 07
Thank you very much. i have talked with someone else, they all said that I needn't have to get angry at this. society is like this. Everyone would like to do something for his or her own benefit. It is common. So I will treat her as usual.