emotional wreck

December 20, 2007 9:02am CST
im in a wreck. emotionally. i was on a relationship that shouldn't had happened. looking back, when i was there..on the point when all of me was overwhelmed with the emotions i've felt..i was so blinded that i overlooked the ugly things that might come my way. thank god, even if i were a little bit crazy, i still got the presence of mind to know that this must not happen - that this must stop. there is no one to defend me but myself because even though i know i got friends who will stand by me, i still have to do things all by myself. it hurts. yes, it does. but not in the way you might think. it hurts because i was too innocent, too naive, too nice that people tend to take advantage of my kindness. but now, a lot of things happened. it changed things, i never thought that its true what other people say, that in a blink of an eye..your emotions changes. i never could have thought that i could hate another person as much as i loved. i know know he made a fool of me 'coz i allowed him..but i still hated him in a way 'coz he knows my vulnerability and he used it. i want to recollect my life. get back the things that i've lost for the past 3months. i want to live peacefully. although i know i cannot get back those precious times that i lost, i want to live again, and just be alive. i want to heal and eventually, forget.
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• China
20 Dec 07
time is flying!everything will be past soon,whatever happiness or sadness,i am also wrecked not long ago,but i know i will be better after the experiense.
• India
20 Dec 07
Hi ari8935_mac, Emotions not only wreck love,friendship,relationship but it will also make people to end their lifes.Emotion is the greatest enemy to a person himself.I know that it is very difficult to control emotion and all decisions taken during that time will always end up in wrong. Emotion will not lost long and its life span is very small.Everybody at one time or other will get emotion and as I said it is difficult to control emotion, but we can control the implementation of the dicisions coming out at that time. My suggestion is not to implement the dicision for atleast for a period of 24 hours.Since the life span of emotion is very small, you will have time to think on your dicision and if you feel it is right you can imlement it or you can drop it.