Do all people have a special someone for them? I think so. What do you think?

United States
December 20, 2007 4:01pm CST
I just want to know your opinion on do everyone have a special someone in their lives.
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@monty24 (154)
• India
23 Dec 07
Yes friend I feel that everybody have a 'some one special' by whose influence one can choose the right way or lead life more comfortabely and happily.It is essential to everybody.Merry chrostmas and happy new year.
• United States
23 Dec 07
Honestly, for as long as I cared to think about that particular idea, I was against it. Logically, think about it- it is an accepted fact that entering a relationship changes both parties. Now, if there is one perfect person for you, it means that you can not possibly become any better for this person. And if entering into a relationship changes you, you can only change for the worse, at this point. So, I would have told you that there is simply no way possible that there is one person perfect for me. And then I met her. And she has the ring I gave her on her finger, and is holding our son this very moment, and I can not believe just how wrong I was.
@lyn2008 (444)
• China
21 Dec 07
Yeah,I think so.Somebody always are vey helpful to me,they can change my mind in a very short time,I think it is magic to me.Why??? I think maybe he is my special one.I feel so lucky for that.So I am now really very happy to help the others,even he is not a good man.
• Canada
21 Dec 07
Hi hr2000 and welcome to Mylot. Hope you enjoy your membership here and make as many new friends as possible here. In regard to your topic...I guess it depends on what you mean by a special someone. If you are talking about a significant other than you build a life I do not think everyone has that. I am a life coach and group leader and know from experience that there are a lot of lonely, single people out there. Having said that some define themselves by the fact that they do not have a life partner and are often miserable because of it. Whereas others look for 'special someones' that they connect and relate to through their work, the community, service and volunteer work and they feel quite fulfilled even with out the usual term for 'special someone.' I am happily married...but I also have a gal pal friend that is a special someone to me. There are a few other close, bonded friends my hubby and I have and they are also special some-ones to us too. So that is my spin on your discussion and thanks for posting it.
21 Dec 07
I think everyone has someone special or them, but not everyone chooses their special person or mistakes them for someone else. Someones special person isn't always who they think it is. People should know when someone is there special person, because your sole mate won't lie to you or make things up just to make you like them or feel sorry for them. Your sole mate will love you no matter what and never hurt you intensionally. Your sole mate will respect what you say and not push their way in just to get what they want. ~Joeys wife