how important is your dream for you

@nkhanna (925)
December 21, 2007 2:49am CST
well how many of you think that a girl's career ends after getting married?for most of the ladies here family is most important and she wants to give her priority to her family.but i was guessing as you all might be having some dreams for yourself as well.i am sure you all want to become a woman of substance.dont you think so?if you have such a dream ,then how are you able to overlook it?i mean i dont really get as why is it that a lady needs to shred her dreams?does this happens to guys as well.i think no,then why with ladies?is it because the other name for a woman is sacrifice?lets share our views over here.
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• Indonesia
21 Dec 07
My dreams are very..very important for me. I think people will get nowhere if they don't have a dream. When I was 15 years old, I dreamed that one day I can a successful women, a working woman, to have a very important position in a company, but like you said, that there are a lot of woman gave their dreams when they decided to get married, maybe I was one of of them. I worked since I was 17 years old, and when I was 19 years I can be ab assistant manager of a multinational company. I was so proud to myself. And when I was 20 years old, I thought I've met the love of my life, and in no time I decided to get married. In first year of our marriage he seems don't really have an objection for my job, but after just 3 month, he told me that he wanted me to be a housewife. Maybe this is the heaviest part. When a woman face the fact that she have to choose between career or family, most of them prefer to choose family over work without any hesitation. I didn't say all of them, but I think most of them do. Too bad actually, even I made the same decision. But I after I give a second thought, I think it's not only about choosing one of them means that one of them is more important than the others, but I think a woman's rights to have her own decision and her existence as a person without judgement should be more consider. The reason why it only happen to women, I guess in any religion or country women have more obligation to taking care of the family, house, children. And the husband have the his own part of responsibility. Which is take have a job and make a living for his family. I mean,,people can't say if a woman choose to keep her career means that career is more important than her family..right ? I got divorced from my husband a year ago ( of course not because I want to continue my career ), I feel like it was a really hard thing to start all over again. But I think I'll manage. And if someday I get remarried, I will take a good consideration about quit my job.