Have you ever visited a zoo?

December 21, 2007 9:10am CST
Wgy & when a zoo culture was established? Why we imprison the life of jungle in them? is it not a bad behaviour with free living wild animals and birds?
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• Pakistan
21 Dec 07
The word zoo is derived from zoology. Zoology is subject related to the study of animals. It is noted in the history of zoo that the first zoo was established about three centuries ago in china. The then king of china was fond of keeping the animals. He had collected a vriety of animals. He used to learn about the habits and behaviors of animals and birds. People used keep pets at their homes but it was very rare to keep the beasts of jungles in their custody. They noted that they can teach to the animals from jungle. They started to keep them in cages. And this was the start which caused to establish zoos in different areas of the world in past. This made popular the zoology. And a number of zoos were established in europ up till ninth century. There are only four and famous and big zoos in different countries of today’s world. and those are in West German, California, and New York.
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• United States
21 Dec 07
Our zoo was recently voted best free zoo in the US. many of these animals, wouldn't survive in the wild. This would be because many of them were born and bred in the captive environment. Zoos provide a wonderful chance for adults and children to learn about animals. A chance most wouldn't otherwise have. To gain an appreciation for beings other than ourselves.The first public zoo was the Ménagerie du Jardin des Plantes, founded in Paris in 1794 primarily for scientific and educational reasons. Most modern zoos in Europe and North America display wild animals primarily for the conservation of endangered species and for educational and research purposes, and secondarily for the entertainment of visitors. dditionally, zoos in North America may choose to pursue accreditation by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. To achieve accreditation, a Zoo must pass an application and inspection process and meet or exceed the AZA's standards for animal health and welfare, fundraising, zoo staffing, and involvement in global conservation efforts. Inspection is performed by three experts (typically one veterinarian, one expert in animal care, and one expert in zoo management and operations) and then reviewed by a panel of twelve experts before accreditation is awarded. This accreditation process is repeated once every five years. Helps to ensure the animals are well cared for. Public viewing of the animals is usually secondary concern for zoos. A way to bring in more revenue.