if you in love with.....

@mebold (230)
December 21, 2007 9:45am CST
If you are in real love with two lovers, what do you in other not to broke someone hearth, bearing in mind that you will have to marry one at last.
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• China
28 Dec 07
i think i will love he only in the world,so i wont face this problem.but i think it is impossible to love two people at the same time.the only possible thing is two people love you at the same time. if you love one of them,i think you must tell the other the fact.i think time can cure all of the painness.
• United States
21 Dec 07
It happens. It cannot be avoided. But first why don't you ask yourself how you managed to find yourself in the situation where you were able to fall in love with more than one person? If you were so happy and in love with Person A then there shouldn't have been a way for you to develop feelings for Person B. Obviously there was something that you weren't getting from the first one of these people you were with. I'm sure it is a long story and not as easily summed up as you tried to do in one sentence. So ask yourself what Person A gives you that Person B doesn't and vice versa. Answer yourself honestly too because if you lie to yourself then all 3 of you are going to end up broken hearted. After you make your decision the worst thing you can do is wait to tell the one you aren't going to be with how you feel. There is no good excuse for dragging out bad news. Sit her down and explain to them why you choose the other person. Then be prepared for the one you are letting go to cry and make promises and say they will change and a whole long list of all the right things that will be said too late. Don't fall for any of it. If they were truly capable of being the person they are promising to turn into if you just stay they would have been that way all along.