company charges their employees $115.00 when they quit or are let go

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December 21, 2007 2:41pm CST
Thanks to "Bush-nomics", more greedy companies are getting away with real robbery, stealing from their own employees. This one plastic bags manufacturer company, Ampac Plastics stole $115.00 from mine and many others' paychecks, once they laid me off, as they are so horrible to work for, employees are lucky to last only a few weeks there. In meantime, company makes a nice, untaxable profit of $115.00 off all the employees that highly turn over there, as they subject workers to very unsanitary, hostile working conditions. In the factory building, employees are not allowed to take lunch breaks in break room, only sit at their running, stinky ammonia-spewing machines for 15 mins. eating---they can only use the very unsanitary breakroom for heating up their lunches, as cakes of grease; oil; stale food; etc. are smeared all over the walls; soap dispenser; floors; tables; chairs; vending machines; etc., like little kids smearing boogers on walls! In Ampac's warehouse building, only 15 mins. allowed to take lunch in boss lady's office! Company is too cheap to furnish heat in their warehouse during cold Winter months, so employees must dress up for outside Winter, or freeze to death--very hard to move under all those layers of clothes. Company has "Threat and Downgrade Meetings" weekly, while every employee there, including management told me, "I HATE working here, but I HAVE TO put up with it, since I can't find another job." Employees get sent threatening emails all the time, being BLAMED for computer malfunctions the office didn't input correctly on their end, while company tells employees that "Tax auditors are after them for not accounting for all Inventory Items", as scanners and computer had improper amounts in them, so when Shipping Clerks like me had to scan items, scanner gun was out of whack, from wrong input on office's end. I had to be a Shipping Clerk; Dock Worker; Janitor; Fork Lift Driver; Picker-n-Packer; Lifting mostly heavy 50-60 lb. boxes continuously on and off skids, conveyor belt; etc., then be treated worse than sub-human. Company loves blackmailing people with "You quit or we let you go, you pay us $115.00". Just think if EVERY company did this here in USA, charging their workers for being under their roof: What a way to get more than a day's FREE LABOR out of them, while pocketing this stolen money tax-free! They are so crooked, that company even hides their bags from auditors, moving trailers off lot, as proper amount isn't counted for, when tax auditors are there. It should also be no surprise how Ampac is forcing employees to drop their spouses off their insurance plans, so now spouse has to find his/her own plan, or be left uninsured. Insurance premiums went way up, but benefits of coverage down, but still costs way more for both spouses to have an individual plan, rather than share on one company insurance policy. Ampac Plastics is a real HELLHOLE, as their main headquarters are in Cincinnati, OH, having both the factory and warehouse in seedy operation. Employees told me that at one time, Ampac Plastics used to be a great place to work at, until new management bought them out several years ago. They start out employees at $12/hour and STILL can't keep help, so there's something direly WRONG with a company, that pays better than many others, but still has an extremely high turnover rate. Before I worked there, massive, mandatory overtime---things got caught up the few weeks I was there. Being a very feminine woman, I struggled greatly trying to lift those very heavy boxes of plastic bags (which had at least 1,000 bags or more at times in these boxes), but still had to try and work under very stressful, hostile, demeaning working conditions, which employees complained they hated being under, but had to put up with it, or else. Ampac Plastics has 14 plants across USA, so if you ever see a "Help Wanted Sign" in front of their building, run like heck! I am very sorry I didn't run, but took the bait of "$12/hour to start", which is the most lousiest $12/hour I could have ever made, while killing my back to do their bidding, only being downgraded in their hostile, very cold, work environment, along with quite a few others. Most jobs don't even pay $10/hour these days; but, Ampac is so horrible to work for, that all the money on Earth isn't worth it to me and many other people, who endured their torment. Imagine the factory workers, continuing to breath those stinky, burning ammonia odors every day, as yes, it peeled and burned my skin, when around it. People stuck having to eat their sandwiches and drink their soda pops in front of continuously running machines, as horrid ammonia spews out of it onto the bags and in the air. Ampac is definitely a USA-hidden Sweat Shop, operates as such, no better than the so-called "sweat shops" overseas. Our Labor laws are SO RELAXED, that unless you are in a worker's union or work for the Government, you, as an employee, have NO human rights. You either put up with such unfair, hostile working conditions, or find another job! Not all companies are as cheating as Ampac Plastics. There's another plastics bag company, called "Duro Bag, Inc.", which is unionized and is very reputable, never heard anything derogatory about them or how company treats their employees--they are right outside of Cincinnati, across the river in Northern KY region. I am sure there are other such manufacturers in or near Cincinnati, as there are across USA, which have respect for their employees and others. Any company that is dishonest towards their employees, you know can't be trusted with anyone else, including their clients they service. There should be a list of "MOST WORST USA COMPANIES TO WORK FOR". I would love to hear your stories, about which companies YOU nominate and why you consider them to be real Hellholes. This should make a very interesting discussion. Happy Holidays!
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@Savvynlady (3686)
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21 Dec 07
Now to me, that is just out and out sorry. If I leave, why charge me for that? Thanks for putting up the name of this company and the policy that they have. I thought the company I work for was a trip, but this joker truly takes the cake. I mean bottom basement, low down, mean, funky,trifling, and most of all selfish. Best of luck finding you something else.